The Hostwriter Ambassador Network

Hostwriter is an open network that helps journalists to easily collaborate across borders. Our Ambassador Network consists of enthusiastic supporters of cross-border journalism who act as local Hostwriter representatives in their country or area of expertise.

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What Do Hostwriter Ambassadors Do?

  • Act as our eyes and ears in their region
  • Help us spark enthusiasm for cross-border journalism
  • Attend our ambassador summits to network with other like-minded journalists from all over the world
  • Help shape how Hostwriter develops as an organization

Our Ambassadors

Ákos Keller-Alánt

Budapest, Hungary

Ákos is an investigative journalist who currently writes for the weekly political magazine Magyar Narancs, specializing in internal affairs and economics.

Wafaa al-Badry

Cairo, Egypt

Wafaa is a journalist, writer and broadcaster working for Deutsche Welle in Berlin. Originally from Egypt, she reports on news, political culture, women’s issues and lifestyle.

Mercy Abang

Abuja, Nigeria

Mercy is a journalist focused on under- or never-reported stories mainly ignored by mainstream media. For this work, she received the 2017 award as Woman of the Year in Journalism.

Daniel Bates

New York, United States

Daniel is a freelance journalist and foreign correspondent who is based in New York.

Mariana Delgado Barón

Bogota, Colombia

Mariana is a journalist with a PhD in sociology who's spent the last decade studying the conflict in Colombia and peace-building practices, with an emphasis on reporting about the victims.

Mohammad Bassiki

Paris, France

Mohammad has 10 years of experience in journalism and investigation. He's the founder of the Syrian Investigations Unit - SIRAJ, the first investigative reporting network in Syria.

Khemaies Ben Braiek

Tunis, Tunisia

Khemaies is a Tunisian freelance journalist. He has worked as a correspondent for in Tunisia since 2006.

Laurie Bley

Durham, North Carolina, USA

Laurie has been working with journalists from around the globe for two decades. She currently serves as the executive director of Duke University’s Menell Media Exchange.

Piotr Drabik

Warsaw, Poland

Piotr is a journalist working with Radio ZET News. He has reported on important events in Poland, including the NATO Summit in Warsaw (2016), World Youth Days in Cracow (2016) and UEFA Euro 2012.

Atokhon Ganiev

Isfara, Tajikistan

Atokhon is a Tajik independent journalist and civil activist. He writes on the topic of corruption, gender issues, ecology and transnational problems.

Esther Nakkazi

Kampala, Uganda

Esther is a freelance science and technology reporter and media trainer. She's worked for over a decade as a medical reporter at The East African weekly and contributes to international publications.

Henrique Kugler

Oslo, Norway

Henrique works as a freelance science writer focusing on environmental pollution, air quality, agriculture, agroecology and organic farming, as well as humanities and development issues.

Hend Kortam

Cairo, Egypt

Hend is an Egyptian journalist working out of Cairo. She covered the 2011 political momentum that has swept the region, focusing on Egypt, but also writing about other countries in the Middle East.

Sandro Mattioli

Berlin, Germany

Sandro is a journalist with expertise on the subject of the Mafia. He reports on Mafia organizations for major magazines and television programs, giving lectures and filming documentaries.

Juliane Metzker

Berlin, Germany

Juliane works as an editor with Perspective Daily – the first all constructive online magazine in Germany. Her stories report on the people and politics of the Middle East and on migration.

Hui Ning

Bruxelles, Belgium

Lulu is a senior international news journalist for The Initium Media, a Chinese media company headquartered in Hong Kong, which has won multiple awards for its in-depth reporting.

Priscila Pacheco

São Paulo, Brazil

Priscila is a reporter and editor at Agência Mural de Jornalismo das Periferias. She focuses on data journalism and is expert in using the law to access public data and information in Brazil.

Randrianarisoa Riana Raymonde

Ambohidratrimo, Madagascar

Riana has 18 years of investigative and cross-border journalism experience. She's the owner/founder of, and is currently General Secretary of Madagascar's network of investigative journalists.

Sudabeh Rakhsh

Tehran, Iran

Sudabeh is a translator and a journalist working for Shargh Daily, one of the most popular reformist newspapers in Iran. She works at the paper's international affairs desk.

Purple Romero

Manila, Philippines

Purple is a multimedia journalist reporting on the justice system, climate and human rights issues and ASEAN. She did the research for two bestselling books on the Philippine Supreme Court.

Tobias Sauer

Berlin, Germany

Tobias is editor-in-chief of Spartacus Traveler, Europe’s biggest LGBT travel magazine. He also regularly works on stories with a historical touch for magazines or background sections of newspapers.

Ali Shehab

Beirut, Lebanon

Ali is best known for writing political analysis and satire. Many of his writings have gone viral on international and Pan-Arab newspapers and websites. He also works in documentary film and TV.

Michael Susin

Warsaw, Poland

Michael is a freelance journalist specializing in videojournalism and breaking news. He produces multimedia content for news agencies in Europe and Asia, and stories about Poland and its curiosities.

Aung Naing Soe

Yangon, Myanmar

Aung is a multimedia journalist who started working as a fixer for foreign journalists in 2012. He currently covers local politics, culture and religious issues for international publications.

Michael Stang

Cologne, Germany

Michael has been working as a science reporter since 2005. The majority of his work is done for different regional and nationwide radio stations in Germany, as well as in Switzerland and Austria.

Qian Sun

Berlin, Germany

Qian works as a freelance journalist for multiple media outlets in China and Europe. She primarily works for Phoenix TV, Hong Kong, as a correspondent covering German and European politics.

Tabapsi Tagne Timothée Parfait

Yaounde, Cameroon

Parfait is a cultural journalist and is the founder and director of «Mosaïques, Arts-Ideas-Africa», the only magazine dedicated to arts and ideas in Cameroon and central Africa.

Nikolia Apostolou


Nikolia is a multimedia-journalist based in Greece. She's a contributor for AP, USA Today, AlJazeera, The New York Times, and many more publications and has won two grants from the Journalism Fund to work on cross-border projects.

Ilyas Adam Hasan Muktar

Beledweyne, Somalia

Muktar is an ward winning Somali Journalist, member of national union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), focusing on Investigative journalism, human rights, conflict and politics in the Horn Afrik Region (Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia).

Anuradha Sharma

Siliguri, India

Anuradha is an independent journalist who has previously worked with The Telegraph and The Economic Times. She writes on politics, culture, media and social justice, among other things, and was a Reuters fellow at the University of Oxford.

Silvia Nortes

Murcia, Spain

Silvia is a Spanish freelance journalist and writer. She has worked for El País, El Español and El Salto, among others. She is now a Spanish correspondent for Index of censorship magazine.

Alicia Prager

Berlin, Germany

Alicia is a freelance journalist from Austria focusing on the intersection between climate, conflict transformation, and economy.

Patrick Egwu

Enugu, Nigeria

Patrick's reporting focus on global health, conflict and development in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. Recently, he was announced as the 2019 Hostwriter Story Prize winner for a cross-border story of Female Genital Mutilation.

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