Join the community of Hostwriter Ambassadors!

We are excited to invite you to become an ambassador for Hostwriter. Become part of a new approach to journalism – one that stresses collaboration instead of competition.

Help us make cross-border journalism truly diverse, global and accessible!

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Support from a network of like-minded members, invitations to networking opportunities specifically for ambassadors, and increased visibility as we showcase your journalistic knowledge and expertise.
  • Resources, tools and training materials for cross-border journalism methods, including materials you can share from Hostwriter.
  • The ability to use our name in conference panel proposals and resources for presentations at conferences where you represent Hostwriter.
  • A say in how Hostwriter develops as an organization.
  • Respect for your time limits as a working journalist.

How You Can Contribute as an Ambassador

  • Be our eyes and ears on the ground by serving as a gateway to not just share our information with others in your area, but also to let us know about the special needs of journalists in your region.
  • Help us grow the Hostwriter network by sharing our mission and promoting Hostwriter on social media.
  • Help us improve the network by sharing your feedback.
  • Introduce us to affiliates and organizations who share our mission.
  • Represent Hostwriter at events in your region.

It's a Deal!

  • I share excitement for cross-border journalism.
  • I want to help spread Hostwriter’s mission to other journalists in my region.
  • I am happy to join the network and be a representative of Hostwriter.

Sounds like a good fit? Then apply now to become an Ambassador: